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​              You may Donate and/or Renew Your Membership Here
​               by Credit Card or through your PayPal account:

When you make a donation you may specify where your donation will be spent.  If you select multiple programs we will equally divide your donations between your selected programs.  If you make no selection your donation will go to our general donation fund. 

                    Please check membership Regular or Open Door if this is a renewal.

Donation                                                             Membership Renewal
Total Donation (Membership + Donation)
O.K. Almost Done!    After you press Submit Choices above, you have one more button to push.    Push the Donation Button below  to pay by Credit Card or PayPal Account.  On Paypal your Total Amount is Membership Plus Donated Amount.
Household membership is for individuals living in the same residence. For voting purposes Regular, Open Door, and Household memberships will be counted as one (1) membership each. 
​Additional Household Members
Regular $40 one Year
Open Door $5 one Year
Family $60 one Year