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Dear Member,

Give Back.   Volunteer at NAMI MetroWest

Without volunteers NAMI MetroWest will cease to exist.   We need you to volunteer a small amount of your time to help NAMI MetroWest conduct its Advocacy, Support, and Education programs.    If you feel that you and your family have benefited from NAMI now is the time to pass on those benefits to others.   Tell us how you would like to volunteer a few hours of your time for a specific time period by replying to this email.   Please check the box next to the volunteer task you are volunteering for.   Also, submit your contact information.

Thank you so very much.

Larry DeAngelo
President, NAMI MetroWest

1.                      I am willing to serve on the NAMI MetroWest Board of Directors and one board committee for one year.    No previous board experience is necessary.   We need people with fundraising or marketing or advocacy or business management experience.   We will explain your duties as a board member and help you perform your board committee responsibilities.   The NAMI MetroWest Board meets nine times per year.    At times you can participate in board meetings by phone.    You should plan on averaging eight hours per month for nine months of volunteer time.

2.                     I will help prepare and execute outreach by US Mail, Email and phone to NAMI MetroWest members.   We ask for eight hours of your time during a one week period working from your home once during the next 12 months.    You should have a computer with internet and email access.  Postage and envelopes and address labels will be supplied to you.

3.                     I will help write grant requests.    There are many foundations and corporations willing to donate money to NAMI MetroWest if we write grant requests.       Unfortunately we have had only limited amount of time to write grants.     You should have grant writing experience and be willing to write one grant request.

4.                     As a person in recovery, I want to tell my story to church groups, university classes, and other organizations as part of the NAMI Massachusetts’ In Our Own Voice program.   I understand NAMI Massachusetts will train me and pay me a stipends.

5.                     As a person in recovery, I want to be a Recovery Support Group facilitator, or Education Class Teacher/Mentor.     I understand that NAMI Massachusetts will train me and pay me a stipends.  This is a two-year commitment.     Recovery Support Groups usually meet once per month.   If I am trained as a Teacher/Mentor I would teach at least two education classes.

6.                    As a Family Caregiver for someone in my family dealing with mental health issues I want to be a Family Support Group Facilitator, or Family Education Teacher.  I understand that NAMI Massachusetts would train me.    Family Support Groups usually meet once per month.     If I am trained as a Teacher I would teach at least two education classes.

7.                    I am willing to give four hours on a weekend to help fundraise on behalf of NAMI MetroWest.   This activity includes passing out flyers and briefly talking with people at Supermarket entrances or in Shopping Malls.  This is a onetime event.

8.                    I am willing to serve on the NAMI MetroWest NAMI Walk committee during one NAMI Walk.   Duties include online fundraising and attending the NAMI Walk in Boston.

9.                    I am willing to advocate on behalf of persons and families dealing with mental illness.     Duties include a onetime participation in NAMI Massachusetts’ Advocacy Day at the Massachusetts State House and, over a period of one year, communicating with local and State officials and representatives NAMI Massachusetts’ position on key legislation.

10.                    I am willing to plan and execute a onetime NAMI MetroWest Education Seminar.    This task involves selecting a topic/speaker, planning the event logistics and outreach, and executing the event.     You should plan on 15 hours of volunteer time over a 60 day period.   The NAMI MetroWest Board will help you plan and execute the seminar.

11.                    I am willing to help transport Persons in Recovery to and from Support Groups and NAMI MetroWest Events.     The time involved here is over a period of six months once per month for six months.   All events are in the Metrowest area.

Giving is a great way of taking care of yourself. 

Please give your name, email, and phone information.
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